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Frequently asked questions:
What makes your agency different?

The Science Factory is a highly individual agency specializing in important, influential and innovative nonfiction. Through his experience, energy and passion, Peter Tallack, its director, aims to represent authors more effectively and more nimbly than some of the bigger agencies.


Peter has worked as an editor, publisher and journalist, and is also a published author. Similarly, Tisse Takagi has considerable experience as a book editor. So together they have a good understanding of the issues and problems facing writers, and know what publishers are looking for in serious works of nonfiction.


Peter and Tisse are particularly sympathetic to the needs and concerns of academics who want to write for a general audience – Peter spent nearly a decade as an editor on Nature, while Tisse has commissioned titles for Basic Books and Oxford University Press. They have a track record of matching new authors to ideas as well as suggesting new topics and angles to existing clients. On top of this they have a wide range of media contacts and are well known in the scientific and science-journalism communities.


A solid book proposal is, they maintain, the foundation of success. They therefore take a far more active role than most agents in helping authors to focus their project so that it will attract the widest possible readership and in then crafting a submission package that will convey its full potential.


Proposals apart, Peter and Tisse also involve themselves in every other aspect of the publishing process including selling to publishers both in the UK and abroad (sometimes direct, sometimes through leading subagencies and co-agencies), negotiating and drawing up contracts, advising on editorial, production, marketing and publicity matters, and overseeing all author payments and taxation agreements.


The agency has always had a policy of representing writers rather than books, and representing good writers whom we like and admire. Our hands-on detailed approach means that authors get our close attention and can always reach us by email, text or phone.