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DANIEL BOR was born in 1975. He spent more than a decade working as a cognitive neuroscientist in the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge, where he is a visiting scientist, and is now also a research scientist at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, UK. He has worked on many areas related to consciousness and the brain, and has published many academic papers, in journals such as Science and Neuron, on a range of topics, including frontal lobe function, consciousness, intelligence, memory, savantism and synaesthesia – work that has received considerable media coverage on radio and television and in newspapers. He has also taken a keen interest in communicating his research to the public, publishing popular science articles on the BBC’s website, as well as in the journal Current Biology, acting as an advisor on two television documentaries, presenting his research to MPs in the Houses of Parliament, and co-running a month-long public memory experiment in the Science Museum.



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How the New Science of Consciousness Explains our Insatiable Search for Meaning

Engaging and knowledgeable prose, liberally sprinkled with personal vignettes and coupled with a knack for explaining complex concepts in everyday language – NEW SCIENTIST

A well-written book... a very pleasurable neuroscience ride – TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION

As scientific enterprises go, cracking consciousness is up there with deciphering dark matter… Bor dives into the conundrum with relish… Intriguing arguments abound – NATURE

Shows skill in explaining the complex subject of consciousness and its current theories in a lively and engaging manner – NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS

A stimulating lens on that always fascinating, often uncomfortable, inevitably alluring intersection of science and philosophy where our understanding of who we are resides – BRAIN PICKINGS

Bor’s knack for bolstering personal examples with laboratory studies makes this a thought-provoking read. His ideas are tantalizing – SCIENCE NEWS

Bor keeps general readers in mind, making challenging subject matter entertaining by peppering his narrative with personal anecdotes, imaginative thought experiments and probing research studies. . . . An enthusiastic report from the front lines of cognitive science designed to pique the interest of nonscientists – KIRKUS REVIEWS

Though others have capably presented the relationship between brain and mind, and the functions of various portions of the brain, Bor does it so effectively that the material remains fresh… Bor balances neuroscience with comparative biology, and philosophy with psychology while writing in a fully engaging conversational style – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Bor is luminous, charming and at the same time deep and original. He is that rare combination—a genuine scientist who knows his stuff and a writer in love with words – John Duncan, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Research Council, Cambridge, and author of HOW INTELLIGENCE HAPPENS

Bor takes on the most challenging of topics… bringing to bear his unique combination of personal motivation..., his deep knowledge of philosophy, and his everyday experience as a cognitive neuroscientist. In so doing, he brings consciousness down to earth, taking it apart to make it scientifically tractable. He has provided a valuable service to those in the separate fields of philosophy and neuroscience by his highly readable integration of these fields – Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University of Cambridge, and author of THE SCIENCE OF EVIL

Reading books about the science of consciousness I am often left with the feeling that our mental life is some kind of unnecessary froth that arises by magic. This book is refreshingly different. Here, at last, consciousness is seen in the light of evolution and is treated as something that is intensely practical and useful – Chris Frith, Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology, Wellcome Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London, and author of MAKING UP THE MIND

Weaving the personal and the scientific, THE RAVENOUS BRAIN is a wonderful exposé of the science behind our consciousness – Elaine Fox, Professor of Psychology, University of Essex, and author of RAINY BRAIN, SUNNY BRAIN

Bor serves up the real science as effortlessly as he describes his own experiences and thoughts. If you’ve ever thought about consciousness, then you’ll love this account of the ‘hard problem’ in all its guises. And if you’ve never thought about consciousness, then this is where you should start – Adrian Owen, Professor, Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario

The first account of a historic revolution: the previously untold success story of the science of consciousness.


In the past few years, researchers have discovered a wealth of fascinating evidence for what consciousness actually is, and how the brain generates it. As a neuroscientist with over a decade’s experience in the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at Cambridge University, Daniel Bor has been at the forefront of this work.

In THE RAVENOUS BRAIN he describes the remarkable techniques, studies and theories that have led to this new understanding of ‘the intimately personal core that mentally defines us’; provides a novel model of how and why consciousness happens; and, for the first time in a book for a popular audience, looks at the implications of these latest findings for medicine, health and well being. In particular, he presents fresh radical views of depression, schizophrenia and autism and reveals how brain scanners may be used to detect residual consciousness in patients in a persistent vegetative state.

But this is more than just an authoritative, original and up-to-date survey of an exhilarating new field. Daniel Bor is a fine writer whose mix of personal experience, hard scientific research and philosophical reflection is reminiscent of Oliver Sacks’s deft use of his own clinical cases to educate a wide audience on the complexities and nuances of the human mind. It’s a captivating approach, that brings both charm and erudition to the neurological investigation of consciousness.

Still in his early thirties, Daniel Bor has now decided to take some time out of research to communicate his science more widely to the public with this, his first book – thus building on the writing he has already done for the BBC’s website and his advisory role on two television documentaries, including ‘Brainman’, shown on Channel 5 and the Discovery Channel, which was based on his work with the prodigy Daniel Tammett.

Publisher: Basic
Pub Date: 1 September 2012 (US)/13 September 2012 (UK)
Length: 326 pages

World rights: Basic

For international rights contact Thomas Kelleher at Basic